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We provide business administration course and human resource training to support and improve business activities, as well as research methodologies training.

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Project name Year Client Location Description Type Sector
wdt_ID Project name Year Client Location Description Type Sector
1 5 Financial Management and Policy Training 2010 Asian Foundation Ulaanbaatar 1. This project was initiated by the city mayor and supported by the Asian Foundation with the goal of facilitating a financial management and policy training involving the executive administration’s financial professionals and advisors and 35 officials in order to improve city budgeting and supervisor evaluations. Training Banking and finance
2 7 Public Assumptions on Inflation Survey 2008 Mongol Bank Ulaanbaatar, Tuv The goal was to assess public expectations about inflation, the world economic recession and its negative influence on Mongolia’s economy. Training Economy
3 12 “Elaboration of Business Plan and Marketing Strategies for Sheep Wool Building Insulation Producing SMEs” 2014 People in Need NGO (Clovek v Tisni) from the Czech Republic Ulaanbaatar, Darkhan-Uul People in Need initiated a program named, “Integrated Approach for Supply Chain Development Turning Sheep Wool into Environmentally Friendly Building Material” in 2013 under the European Union’s SWITCH-Asia program. PIN-SWITCH’s long-term program framework focused on “developing sufficient know-how among SMEs, including cooperatives and community level entrepreneurs, to produce and market SWBI” as well as raising awareness and technical know-how among pastoralists, architects, construction companies, policy makers and home owners. The goals of the training were defined as such: “to develop business plans and marketing strategies for producing SWBI with selected SMEs through intensive training and systematic coaching.” The following deliverables were divided into two phases: Phase I (July 14th – August 3rd) ● Develop training agenda and training content ● Train 20 SMEs on the elaboration of business plans and oversee the creation of 1st draft business plans Phase II (August 4th- August 13th) ● Participate in the selection of SMEs for further cooperation according to set criteria in close cooperation with the PIN-SWITCH team. ● Provide individualized coaching for chosen SMEs to elaborate and refine their SWBI business plans and marketing strategies based on identified needs and market surveys; ● Approve elaborated business proposals as suitable for approaching financial institutions. Training Manufacturing industry
4 42 Training for Business Opportunity: Green Building in Practice 2015 Caritas Czech Republic Orkhon, Darkhan-Uul, Dornod, Umnugovi, Ulaanbaatar The training goal is to present the findings of market survey on fly ash based building materials to stakeholders in building sector Training Construction
5 70 Methodology for collecting survey data 2017 JTI Kazakhstan LLC In Mongolian Representative Ulaanbaatar Training on data collection methodology was held from September 1 to April 04, 2012 by MIRIM Consultant LLC, researcher and trainer N. Yanjinpagma and training for 4 researchers from JTI. Training Trade
6 81 Business Management Capacity Building Training Program For Forest User Groups and Cooperatives/Enterprises Tunkhel village 2018 NIRAS Ulaanbaatar The following general topics were defined for the trainings, but the trainings also included other topics: ● Team management/ Management skill ● Cooperative management ● Business plan development/ Value chain /Production planning ● Marketing ● Cooperative accounting/finance The training modules consist of the following steps: • Lectureing and seminars • Exercise sessions • Face to face mentoring • Group discussion Training Environment
7 118 Research Methodology Training 2019 Mobicom corporation LLC Ulaanbaatar city The purpose of the training is to acquire basic research methodology skills that is the main pillar, as well as the ability to conduct comprehensive analysis and summarize and interpret the results. Therefore, with the help of modern research methods and techniques, we aim to acquire research basic skills through the training. Training Communication
8 124 Consultancy service on organizing Policy implementation transparency and monitoring and evaluation trainings 2019 GIZ Integrated Mineral Resources Initiative program Erdenet, Selenge, Dundgovi, Bayankhongor provinces To organize 10-day trainings in Orkhon, Selenge, Dundgovi and Bayankhongor provinces on relevant topics for the province Governor's Office, Public Representative Khural and representatives of relevant organizations within the “Sustainable Development Partnership” councils Training Sustainable development