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We conduct management and business consulting services based on professional research. In providing any consulting service, it is necessary to carry out precise and thorough research and analysis, as well as consultations optimized for the environment. We are providing consulting service on two major areas.

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Project name Year Client Location Description Type Sector
wdt_ID Project name Year Client Location Description Type Sector
1 6 Business Plan Development for UB Buyan LLC 2010-2014 2009 Ulaanbaatar Buyan LLC Ulaanbaatar The project’s main goal was to develop a business plan for UB Buyan LLC for 2011-2014 and advance the following goals: ● Define an organizational growth strategy by researching foreign and domestic environments ● Define a marketing mix policy and marketing strategy by researchering customers and competitors ● Develope a plan to define future financial and human resource trends by conducting internal assessments. Consulting services Business
2 21 “2015-2020 Business Plan Development for Bayalag Ord LLC” 2014 Bayalag-Ord LLC Ulaanbaatar, Bayankhongor MIRIM developed a full 5-year business plan for Bayalag Ord LLC, in Galuut soum, Bayankhongor province, in consultation with Bayalag Ord officers and employees based on a full analysis of Bayalag Ord’s HR, finances, scheduling, production process, value chain, marketing, competition and risks. MIRIM also researched Bayankhongor’s coal markets, assessing current and future trends by studying customer organizations and individual buyers’ habbits and their consumption budget conditions. The following main project goals were determined: Marketing research: The goals of this resrach are to define Bayankhongor aimag’s coal market overview, demand of coal, promotion, place and pricing policy. Human Resources research: Company’s workers’ work building conditions, workers’ social environment, salary satisfaction, satisfaction with work conditions, collective atmosphere, work force capacity, and provide consulting on improving all conditions. Financial policy research: Assess financial reports and all connected materials and determine general conclusions regarding the company’s financial activities. • Review of companies previous 5 years operational and financial documents and developed research goals and tools based on consultation with Bayalag Ord LLC officers; • Analysis of coal market, operational process, HR policy and needs, and financial planning • Conducted field study within company, interviewing about 40 officers and employees; • Conducted SWOT analysis of coal market share and trends; • Prepared research report and developed 5 years Business Plan. Consulting services Mining
3 27 Business Plan Development for IRIM 2014 Independent Research Institute of Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Main goal of research was to develop a mid-term business plan and provide well-grounded information for organizational management framework based on assessing current internal conditions and international business environment of IRIM LLC. A plan based on comprehensive analysis was developed according to the following goals: 1. Make organization’s external analysis (Internationaland economic factors, clients and competitors were studied) 2. Analyze the organization’s internal environment (human resources, finance, technology and marketing) 3. Develop a mid-term organizational plan based on research findings. Consulting services Sustainable development
4 28 Business Plan and Training Program for Sanitation Developers 2015 ACF (Action Contre La Faim) - now Wash Action NGO Ulaanbaatar Tolgoit NGO The purpose is to enact “change management’, turning a water distribution unit with subsidies into an economically sustainable business center. Project Objective: To coach 4 kiosk managers to determine what kind of businesses can be run with profit in their spaces; and, to coach them in the process of making their rental property profitable. MonSEIC The purpose is to make current waste collection services economically sustainable and to fully prepare for business growth opportunities. Project Objectives: To coach MonSEIC managers in sales and marketing and to develop a basic business plan, possibly including components such as supply chains, budget analysis, operation cost analysis, production process, general management, human resources management, business network strategies and income distribution. USUG The purpose is to coach USUG manager and to support for development a business plan of kiosk with electronical card. Consulting services Service
5 34 Mid-term business plan and investment plan of motor vehicle engine heater 2015 Season LLC Ulaanbaatar The project aimed to developing investment plan and mid-term business plan for engine heater product based on internal environmental analysis such as production and human resource capacity and potential market demand. Consulting services Trade
6 41 Marketing survey and marketing plan development for consulting service of Marchaakhai LLC 2015 Marchaakhai LLC Ulaanbaatar The objectives of research is to seek opportunities to increase number of consumers by measuring brand awareness, building better brand equity to increase sales and identify possible investment channels. To achieve these objectives, 3 independent research and 1 marketing plan are suggested. Consulting services Education
7 52 Midterm business plan development for KHAN Jargalant Khovd cooperative 2017 KHAN Jargalant Khovd cooperative, EBRD's project for advice of small businesses Khovd The main goal of the consulting service is researching the internal and external factor to provide midterm business plan of "KHAN Jargalan Khovd" cooperation. According to this main objective, the following objectives were elaborated: 1. External factor of organization research consist of legal, economic, social, and cultural areas. 2. Internal factor of organization research consist og human reasourse, operational processing analysis, financial analysis, and SWOT analysis. 3. Develop midterm (2017-2019) business plan. Consulting services Agriculture
8 62 Develop a production investment plan for cocktails 2017 Janrais Trading LLC Ulaanbaatar The purpose of this study is to define the market capacity of fruit thickening syrup from the demand and supply side and to identify and analyze the position and future trends of the "MONIN" brand in the market. Also, consumers' satisfaction with "MONIN" brands and suppliers is determined. Consulting services Trade
9 64 Drafting of Business Plan for Khovd Buyant Standards LLC 2017 EBRD, Buyant standard LLC Ulaanbaatar, Khovd The purpose of the study is to develop a mid-term business plan that is best suited to the vision and vision of "Buyant Standard" LLC's organization. These include strategic planning, customer surveys, marketing planning, human resource management and planning, manufacturing and financial planning. Consulting services Construction
10 73 Market research and development of investment plan for resort 2018 USGUUN LLC Ulaanbaatar, Arkhangai The project aims to provide consultancy service for Usguun LLC, by conducting comprehensive research, to develop investment plan. Consulting services Tourism