Research & Analysis

We conduct all types of economic, business, marketing researches. In the past, we have accumulated experiences in various sectors such as banking, finance, telecommunications, construction, mining, agriculture, manufacturing, trade, education, health and tourism.

Our company is focusing more on agriculture and manufacturing industry, and has established a basic database. Research and analysis are about 70 percent of the work done by our organization. When we conduct research, we collect data from reliable sources and use innovative methods, techniques and in- depth analysis, along with combining quantitative and qualitative research methods. We are conducting research on four major areas.

We have accumulated extensive knowledge and expertise about the business sector features, large, medium and small enterprises, and their business cycle growth and fall. Based on this knowledge and experience, we always strive to offer our clients concrete results and effective solutions based on professional research. Our company has successfully conducted 40+ business research projects.

Expertise in Industry research

We are conducting a comprehensive research and have accumulated extensive experience in sectors, sub-sectors and specific subjects such as banking, construction, telecommunications, energy and tourism as well as small medium businesses, leasing relations, green space, green building, jewellery, construction material, labor safety and hygiene, public procurement, trade and service centers, chain stores, duty-free shops, and business ethics.

Experience in goods and services market

We have conducted market research on variety of goods and services such as ice cream, cocktails, fresh water, meat products, writing-paper, petrol, computer, tea shop service, automobile engine heater, yak wool products, wool and cashmere products, sculpture, child content and triple play service (IPTV).

Experience in customer research

We are conducting customer purchasing capacity identifying, behavioral and satisfaction surveys for households in Ulaanbaatar, 21 aimags, specific business entities and specific goods and services users. A total of 30,000+ users and households are involved in our surveys, and we have been conducting customer researches for large business entities regularly.

Marketing research and monitoring:

We use modern methods and techniques in our marketing research, monitoring and evaluation projects. We examine the market positioning and segmentation of the particular goods and services, customers’ perceptions and attitudes, and competitors’ behavior carefully, besides external monitoring of market performance.

We are focusing more on the economic research, especially on modeling projects, and are conducting economic research and analysis at an advanced level. Our company has been successfully implementing 15+ economic research and modeling projects. We successfully implemented major research projects such as Western region’s socio- economic research, Program-based budget, Public expectations on inflation, Socio- economic survey on leasing relations, Socio-economic survey in informal sectors and Artisanal mining contributions to the economy. We defined demand and supply for many markets and estimate their perspectives, as well as we defined the structure and form of competition of over 80 markets nationwide.

In the framework of Macroeconomics

– Economic sector research
– Macroeconomic outlook
– Business cycle analysis
– Budget and monetary policy analysis and their coherence
– Foreign sector and balance of payments

In the framework of Microeconomics

– Demand and supply analysis and their forecasting
– Production, cost and profit analysis
– Competitive analysis and market structure
– Cost and benefit analysis

We are concentrating more on export research and consulting services which is one of our main strategic directions. In the case of export research and consulting services, we examine the markets in which our products and services are being sold, focusing on the target market environment, consumers, and competitors, and thus identify opportunities, risks and strategies to enter the new market. Based on the results of the research, we develop an export development plan and providing mediating or intermediary services for foreign markets. Currently, we have provided research, consulting services for export of wool, cashmere products, secondary raw materials, and consulting service for food product importing.

With the introduction of export research and consulting services, we have taken the first step towards creating a gateway to USA, Japan, Canada and Africa, and intermediary services, and began developing an export database of each target country.

Our company has been conducting researches to identify ratings, public opinion, target group needs, and monitoring of campaign activities, press and social media monitoring for President, Parliament, local election candidates and party orders.

We have successfully implemented 20+ electoral studies, and the results of each survey fully matched up the actual results of the election, reflecting the quality and effectiveness of our work. We are continuing to pursue this achievement, implementing innovative methods of international election and detailed segmentation of voters.