Consulting service

We conduct management and business consulting services based on professional research. In providing any consulting service, it is necessary to carry out precise and thorough research and analysis, as well as consultations optimized for the environment. We are providing consulting service on two major areas.


We provide professional management consulting services along with research, analysis and training optimized for the organization’s activities, resources, and culture. Our company has successfully conducted 15+ management consulting services for a variety of organizations, ranging from leading companies of the sector to small medium business entities, local businesses, cooperatives and partnerships.

– Strategic planning and consultancy
– Process analysis, planning and consultancy
– Human resource analysis, planning and consultancy


We provide professional business consulting services after thorough research on the organization’s internal, external environments and their impacts. Our company has successfully completed 20+ business consulting services. We have been providing consulting services for all levels of business entities and businesses that have been granted from European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the “Export Development Project”, World Bank.

– Business plan and consultancy
– Marketing plan and consultancy
– Financial plan and consultancy
– Investment plan and consultancy