Training & Coaching

We provide business administration course and human resource training to support and improve business activities, as well as research methodologies training.

Our training has a specialty of determining and examining the issues and problems that business entities are facing in their activities and management, and of giving theoretical knowledge and workplace practices required to solve the problem. In addition, we work with experienced instructors who run successful businesses in each of their sectors.

When we organize training and discussions, we use participatory and interactive methodologies and prepare arrangements, evaluation of participants needs and training course materials tailored to the specifics of the participants and at the end of each course, we conduct satisfaction survey and evaluate the results. Participants are provided with certificates, handbooks and training materials.

Business administration training is focused primarily on the strengthening of entrepreneurship and business development capacity of the entities. We have successfully implemented 10+ business management training courses for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Business administration training:

– Organizational management and strategic plan development
– Business plan development
– Marketing strategy and plan development
– Financial management

This course is designed to provide an overall understanding of human resource management, and to provide a well-arranged understanding of human resource recruitment, training, development, strategy, performance, and labor relations.

Human resource management training:

– People management methods
– Basic understandings of human resource management
– Strategy on human resource management
– Organizational theory
– Job analysis
– Human resource recruitment
– Diversification management
– Salary management
– Labor relations
– Trade unions and arrangements

We are organizing courses of research methodology for everyone who is interested in doing research and analysis. Professors specialized
in research and analysis teach the courses and offer modern research methods and techniques.

Research methodology training

– Elaboration of research methodology and design
– Research data collection: Consultations on how to collect primary and secondary source data, and how to prepare it for the analysis.
– Analyze the research data
Methodologies for document analysis
Methodologies for Statistical analysis (using SPSS, STATA, Eviews)
Methodologies for advanced analysis
– Methodologies for summing up the results and writing research articles.